Building my Online Home

For years, I wanted to have my little personal space on the internet, a place where I can share my thoughts and experiences without being limited by a platform format and in a way that I can tweak and adapt to my liking.

I'm curious about many topics and eager to learn new things. Not everything I write here will be about programming. My goal is to share what I'm learning and experimenting with while improving my writing.

That being said, you might wonder how this blog was built, let's deep into that.

Tech Stack

I was torn between Nuxt, Next, and Remix. I decided to go with Next.js because it's the most mature one and I'm already familiar with it.

For styling, I decided to use chakra-ui. It's a great library that I've wanted to test for a while.

For content, I'm using mdx to write my content in Markdown. It allows me to embed React components and use them in my blog, you can check my MDX Design System for examples.

The website is deployed on Vercel, their service is awesome and I'm happy with their dashboard and deployment process.


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